June 23, 2021

Flagstaff AZ Real Estate Market Update- May 2021

Flagstaff AZ Real Estate Market Data Provided by The Kelly Broaddus Real Estate Advisors Team / by Joselyn Uy

May 2021 Flagstaff Market Report


Flagstaff Homes Fly Off the Market, Median Home Price Sets New Records


Our monthly market update is back! More record-breaking milestones in Flagstaff real estate last month, as home sales continue to close quickly and the median price steadily increase.  Here's the latest update on the Flagstaff housing market.



The US existing home sales descend 0.9% from the previous month, marking four consecutive months of decline while Greater Flagstaff's May housing sales decline 3% vs the previous month. Flagstaff home sales jumped 19% year-over-year with 162 units sold vs the same period last year according to data from the Northern Arizona Multiple Listing Service (NAAR). 

Demand remains strong from first-time homebuyers, year-round residents, and NAU students competing for affordable housing.

May 2021 Flagstaff Home Sales By Type

We broke our best record May sales with 7 homes sold in Flagstaff, Tucson & Mayer valued at around $5.9M. Big thanks to our clients!



Flagstaff Median Home Price & DOM May  2021

"The median list-to-sales ratio for this area is 104.3%." 

List to Sales Ratio is the percentage of the list price that the buyer ultimately paid for the property. High demand & low inventory caused the median sold price in May to increase 22% year over year to $573,057, a new monthly high. 

Even after more than a year in our frenzied market, home prices continue to soar, which is excellent news for those who own new and existing homes in our marketplace.




May 2021 Flagstaff Market Watch Summary

2021 Flagstaff Real Estate Market Watch Total Home Sales -   162 homes, up 19% vs May 2020. 

Median Sale Price -  $573,057, up 22.3% vs May 2020, highest in more than a decade

Mortgage rates  - A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dropped to an average of 2.93% for the week ending June 17 — down from 2.96% last week, giving some borrowers another shot at sub-3% rates.

Longest days on market (SF): 366 days This is a four-bedroom located in  Trails End, one of  the newest affordable subdivision on Flagstaff's East Side

CDOM The acronym CDOM (Cumulative Days on Market) is used by the Flagstaff MLS to describe how many days a property has been available for sale. A property has to be off the MLS for at least 90 days for the CDOM to restart, even if it is listed by a different agent. We report the average days on market for properties sold based on CDOM.

The number of days a home sits on the market can tell us a lot about pricing. A high CDOM is commonly a strong indicator that the home is overpriced. 




Photo courtesy of RE/MAX Fine Properties

  • The highest-priced single-family Flagstaff home that sold in May was a $2,800,000   four-bedroom Pine Canyon custom home on an incredible golf homesite on 8 green with a stream flowing and a pond between the double fairways of 8/9.
  • The highest-priced Flagstaff townhome sale was a $610,000 four-bedroom Pine Knoll townhome that offers has captivating views of the San Francisco Peaks.
  • The highest-priced Flagstaff condo sale last month was a $500,000   three-bedroom unit in Flagstaff Ranch backing State Trust Land.



Lowest Priced Flagstaff Home in May 2021

Photo courtesy of Coldwell Banker Northland

  • The lowest-priced single-family Flagstaff home that sold in May was a $270,000 3-bedroom single family residence in the heart of Sunnyside. Home is just blocksfrom Killip Elementary school and the skate park.
  • The lowest-priced Flagstaff townhome sold was a $281,500 -  2 bedroom 1 bath Christmas Tree Estates townhouse with updates throughout.
  • The lowest-priced Flagstaff condo that sold was a $292,500 -  lower level 2 bedroom condo in the Summit Condo community. Open floor plan with beautiful views of the community open space from the covered patio.


Flagstaff Home Buyer Advice 

Record-low mortgage interest rates have made purchasing homes more affordable, even considering rising home prices. Many people have taken advantage of this and flocked away from urban centers, seeking out homes that offer more space to accommodate working remotely and spending more time at home in general. 

The supply of Flagstaff homes  for sale is still very limited, and inventory may only continue to shrink. High prices and high demand have contributed to the shortage. This has led to some intense multiple-offer situations, where buyers are throwing out all the stops to compete for homes, including by waiving inspections, appraisals, and other contingencies to draw the seller’s eye to their offers.

Even though homebuilders are trying their best to keep up with demand, the new home construction industry can’t fill the gap in inventory. Increased land, labor, and material costs have made building new homes difficult and expensive, even as demand continues to surge. Still, many are turning to new construction homes because the competition for existing homes is still fierce in our current market.

If buying a home is in your plans this summer, beginning your home search now could lead to a successful and less stressful buying experience. You can get a jump on the spring market by taking a look at the homes that are available in Northern Arizona right now.

Click here to see all Flagstaff homes for sale

Search Northern Arizona Homes For Sale


Home Buying Tips Our home buyer's blog will help you plan and prepare for your successful home purchase and avoid headaches and surprises that may arise during the process.

Sign up for free to receive our updates about coming soon properties and homes for sale not listed on the MLS. I can set up a customized search so you’ll get notified when new listings that meet your criteria hit the market.

Need a lender recommendation for your home loan? We work with trusted lenders who will walk you through the entire process and have your best interest at heart. Contact Kelly today and we will get you one of our trusted lenders that best fits your needs.


Flagstaff Home Seller Advice 

As hectic as it sounds, this market presents some prime opportunities for homeowners to get top dollar for their properties. However, just because options are slim and demand is high doesn’t mean you can simply throw your home on the market and expect it to fetch a maximal price. Before you can figure out how much you can expect to walk away with, you’ll first need to assess how much it will cost you to prepare your home for the market.


Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the costs of selling a home:


Real Estate Commissions. Sellers are responsible for paying real estate commissions, which can range between 2.5% and 3% for your own agent, and a similar spread for the buyer’s representative.


Preparing Your Property. Though you may not need to go all out in getting your home ready for the market, sprucing things up here and there will help maximize your property’s value. For the interior, you’ll want to declutter, clean, paint, and stage; according to the NAR, buyers spend an average of 40 minutes in a staged home compared to five minutes in a non-staged home.


You’ll also want to freshen up your home’s curb appeal. The cost depends on what you need to have done. You should at least make sure that your landscaping is trimmed and neat. Spending as little as $300 on lawn care can get you an extra $1,200 when you sell.


Repairs. Though some buyers are waiving inspections to be more competitive, that isn’t typically recommended, so expect a home inspection. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 2% of your sales price to cover the cost of necessary repairs that may come up on your inspection report.


Closing Costs. As a seller, you’ll be expected to pay a few different fees at the closing table, including title fees, transfer taxes, escrow fees, and miscellaneous taxes and dues. Plan to spend around 8% and 10% of your sales price on these seller expenses, though you may spend less than that.


The bottom line is that now is an excellent time to be a seller. The market leans heavily in your favor, and with just a little time, investment, and guidance from an experienced real estate professional, you can get the absolute best price for your home.


If you're curious about what your home is worth right now, you can use our home value calculator, which is based on recent Northern Arizona MLS sales. Click the image below then enter your address to find out what your home is currently worth.


What is the value of your Flagstaff Home?


Home Selling Tips Our blog for home sellers has tons of tips to help sell your home faster and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Check it out

We at The Kelly Broaddus Team with eXp Realty know that the only result that ultimately matters is that your home gets sold — and sold for the right amount. Satisfied clients say it all. Check out our 5 Star Reviews.


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Finding a Northern Arizona Home for Your Next Stage of Life


June 21, 2021

Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent

Here are seven things to think about when hiring a real estate agent.


In today’s market, some people think they can save a lot of money by selling FSBO. In the long run, you are leaving money on the table by not having an experienced agent to negotiate on your behalf. How should buyers go about picking the right Realtor? This is a very important issue, and I’m sharing seven things to help you find the best real estate agent.


Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Feel free to watch the full message, or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:


0:45 — Consider their track record


2:05 — Don’t be afraid to look for a better agent


2:39 — Does your agent consider what the sellers want?


3:25 — Your agent needs to be easy to reach


3:51 — Does your agent have an adequate support team?


4:46 — You need an agent that will be brutally honest with you


6:07 — You need an agent with strong core values


7:18 — Wrapping up


If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be glad to help you. Have a great day.

Posted in Home BuyingTips
June 16, 2021

Finding a Northern Arizona Home for Your Next Stage of Life

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly


Finding a New Home for Your Next Stage of Life


Imagine the first place you lived as a young adult. Now imagine trying to fit your life today into that space. Not pretty, right?

For most of us, our housing needs are cyclical.1 A newly independent adult can find freedom and flexibility in even a tiny apartment. That same space, to a growing family, would feel stifling. For empty nesters, a large home with several unused bedrooms can become impractical to heat and clean. It’s no surprise that life transitions often trigger a home purchase.

While your home-buying journey may not look like your neighbor’s or friend’s, broad trends can help you understand what to keep in mind as you house hunt. No one wants to regret their home purchase, and taking the time now to think about exactly what you need can save a lot of heartache later.

The Newly Married or Partnered Couple

The financial and legal commitment of marriage has provided a springboard to homeownership for centuries, though these days more couples are buying homes without exchanging rings. In the last few decades, changing demographics have shifted the median age of first marriage and buying a first home into the late 20s and early 30s, planting most newly married or partnered buyers firmly in the millennial generation.2,3 But no matter your age, there are some key factors that you should consider as you enter into your first home purchase together.

Affordability is Key

There’s no doubt about it—with high student loan debt and two recessions in the rearview mirror, many millennials feel that the deck is stacked against them when it comes to homeownership. And it’s not just millennials—Americans of all ages are facing both financial challenges and a tough housing market. But stepping onto the property ladder can be more doable than many realize, especially in today’s low mortgage rate environment.

While many buyers are holding out for their dream home, embracing the concept of a starter home can open a lot of doors.4 In fact, that’s the route that most first-time homebuyers take—the average home purchase for a 20-something is about 1,600 square feet. While the average size increases to around 1,900 square feet for buyers in their 30s, it’s not until buyers reach their 40s that the average size passes 2,000 square feet.5

Chosen carefully, a starter home can be a great investment as well as a launchpad for your life together. If you focus on buying a home you can afford now with strong potential for appreciation, you can build equity alongside your savings, positioning you to trade up to a larger home in the future if your needs change.6

Taking Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are historically low, making now the perfect time to purchase your first home together. A lower interest rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan, which can significantly increase the quality of home you can get for your money.


But what if both halves of a couple don’t have good credit? You may still have options. First, boosting a credit score can be easier than you think—simply paying your credit cards down below 30% of your limit can go a long way. But if that’s not enough to boost your score, you might consider taking out the mortgage in only the better-scoring partner’s name. The downside is that applying for a mortgage with only one income will reduce your qualification amount. And if you take that route, make sure you understand the legal and financial implications for both parties should the relationship end.

Commute and Lifestyle Considerations

Whether you’ve lived in a rental together for years or are sharing a home for the first time, you know that living together involves some compromises. But there are certain home features that can make life easier in the future if you identify them now. The number of bathrooms, availability of closet space, and even things like kitchen layout can make a big difference in your day-to-day life and relationship.

Your home’s location will also have a significant impact on your quality of life, so consider it carefully. What will commuting look like for each of you? And if you have different interests or hobbies—say, museums vs. hiking—you’ll need to find a community that meets both your needs. Need some help identifying the ideal location that fits within your budget? We can match you with some great neighborhoods that offer the perfect mix of amenities and affordability.

The Growing Family

Having kids changes things—fast. With a couple of rowdy preteens and maybe some pets in the mix, that 1,600 square foot home that felt palatial to two adults suddenly becomes a lot more cramped. Whether you’ve just had your first child or are getting to the point where your kids can’t comfortably share a bedroom any longer, there’s plenty to consider when you’re ready to size up to a home that will fit your growing family.

The Importance of School Districts

For many parents, the desire to give their kids the best education—especially once they are in middle and high school— surpasses even their desire for more breathing room. In fact, 53% of buyers with children under 18 say that school districts are a major factor in their home buying decisions.7 Of course, better funded (and often higher ranking) schools correspond to higher home prices. However, when push comes to shove, many buyers with kids prefer to sacrifice a bit of space to find a home in their desired location.

But when you’re moving to a new community, it can be tough to figure out what the local schools are actually like—and online ratings don't tell the whole story. That’s why talking to a local real estate agent can be a gamechanger. We don’t just work in this community; we know it inside and out.

Lifestyle Considerations

For many families, living space is a key priority. Once you have teenagers who want space to hang out with their friends, a finished basement or a rec room can be a huge bonus (and can help you protect some quieter living space for yourself).

A good layout can also make family life a lot easier. For example, an open plan is invaluable if you want to cook dinner while keeping an eye on your young kids playing in the living room. And if you think that you might expand your family further in the future, be sure that the home you purchase has enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate that comfortably.


Try to think about how each room will fit into your day-to-day. Are you anticipating keeping the house stocked to feed hungry teenagers? A pantry might rise to the top of the list. Dreading the loads of laundry that come with both infants and older kids (especially if they play sports)? The task can be much more bearable in a well-designed laundry room. Imagine a typical day or week of chores in the house to identify which features will have the biggest impact.

Chances are, you won’t find every nice-to-have in one home, which is why identifying the must-haves can be such a boon to the decision-making process. We can help you assess your options and give you a sense of what is realistic within your budget.

The Empty Nesters

When we talk about empty nesters, we usually think about downsizing. With kids out of the house, extra bedrooms and living space can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth. While the average buyer under 55 trades up to a larger home, buyers over 55 are more likely to purchase a smaller or similarly sized but less expensive home. Even in the highest age groups, the majority of home purchases fall in the single-family category. According to research by the National Association of Realtors, by the time buyers reach their 70s, the median home size drops to 1,750 square feet.5 But there’s plenty for empty nesters to think about besides square footage.

Maintenance and Livability

What factors are driving your decision to move? Identifying those early in the process can help you narrow down your search. For example, do you want to have space for a garden, or would you prefer to avoid dealing with lawn care altogether? What about home maintenance? In many cases, a newer home will require less maintenance than an older one and a smaller one will take less time to clean. You may also want to consider townhomes, condos, or other living situations that don’t require quite as much upkeep.

Lifestyle Considerations

Many empty nesters have retired or are nearing retirement age. This could be your chance to finally pursue hobbies and passions that were just too hard to squeeze into a 9-5. If you’re ready to move, consider how you’d like to spend your days and seek out a home that will help make that dream a reality. For some, that might mean living near a golf course or a beach. For others, being able to walk downtown for a nice dinner out is the priority. And with more time to spend as you wish, proximity to a supportive community of friends and family is priceless.

Ability to Age in Place

Let’s face it—we can’t escape aging. If you’re looking for a home to retire in, accessibility should be front-of-mind.8 This may mean a single-story home or simply having adequate spaces on the first floor to rearrange as needed. While buying a home that you plan to renovate from the start is a viable option, being forced into renovations (because of the realities of aging) a few years down the road could seriously dig into your nest egg. Location matters, too—if your family will be providing support, are they close by? Can you easily reach necessities like grocery stores and healthcare? While it’s tempting to put it out of our minds, a few careful considerations now can make staying in your home long-term much more feasible.

Finding the Right Home for Right Now in Northern Arizona

One thing is for sure—life never stands still. And your housing needs won’t, either. In the United States, the median duration of homeownership hovers around 13 years.9 That means many of us will cycle through a few very different homes as we move through different life stages. At each milestone, a careful assessment of your housing options will ensure that you are well-positioned to embrace all the changes to come.

Whatever stage you’re embarking on next, we’re here to help. Our insight into Flagstaff/Sedona neighborhoods, prices, and housing stock will help you hone in on exactly where you want to live and what kind of home is right for you. We’ve worked with home buyers in every stage of life, so we know exactly what questions you need to ask. Buying a home—whether it’s your first or your fifth—is a big decision, but we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Homebuyers and sellers in Northern Arizona can reach The Kelly Broaddus Real Estate Advisor Team with eXp Realty at the following numbers: 888-446-5602, 928-332-3524, 928-256-5029 & or call Kelly direct at 928.606.6749. Email us at kelly.broaddus@exprealty.com.

We support the Fair Housing Act and equal opportunity housing.



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Can I Buy or Sell My Flagstaff Home Without a Real Estate Agent?

Posted in Home BuyingTips
June 7, 2021

3534 S Dylan Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86005

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly

3534 S Dylan Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86005

Sold! Lovely Family Home In Quiet Cul-De-Sac

    4 Beds |   3 Baths | $619,890

What a gem! Don't miss this lovely 4 bedroom home on a culdesac! Privately secluded back yard, wonderfully landscaped. Oak floors inside with new cabinetry in the kitchen. Pride of ownership at every corner! This is a LOVELY home!!


Photos and more information here: northernarizonafinehomes.com/property/186001/



3534 South Dylan Street


Learn more about Flagstaff

Hwy 89a to University Height Drive South, by the Church. Drive up to the top and the Stop Sign at Carol, take a left on Carol, down 1 street on the right to Dylan. 

Amusement & Recreation 

      • Wheeler Park- A great place to stay cool under the trees and enjoy the outdoors with family.
      • Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course - This place provides a safe, fun, physical and unique outdoor experience in the trees. 
      • Thorpe Park Center - Great place for the whole family including the furry ones. There are plenty of activities for the kids, a playground area, picnic tables, lots of grass areas, sports fields, a dog park, adequate parking.  

Dining Nearby

Visit Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, they offer great menu choices with many healthy (gluten and vegan ) options. You can also drop by at Delhi Palace  to try their  high quality, traditional Indian cuisine. Your Pie Pizza serves satisfying pizza and pasta with a nice selection of local brews and wine

Nearby Schools

        • Manuel DeMiguel Elementary School
        • Mount Elden Middle School
        • Flagstaff High School

University Highlands Neighborhood Information 

University Highlands is a beautiful, community rich with evergreen trees and nature all around. Offering an assortment of beautiful styles, varying sizes and affordable prices to choose from. Visit the University Highlands community page for more information.

Contact Kelly Broaddus at kelly.broaddus@exprealty.com  or call 888-4465602 to see other houses and condos for sale in Flagstaff.

Search for Homes in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff Homes for Sale Under $400,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $400,000 - $500,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $500,000 - $600,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $600,000 - $700,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $700,000 and above

June 2, 2021

A Few Good Reasons to Consider eXp

Making the switch to eXp Realty could change your life.


Today I wanted to extend an invitation for you to consider joining me at eXp Realty. Speaking from personal experience, the switch completely changed the course of my career. It would be a crime for me not to share this information with you.


I joined eXp when it was relatively new. I was told by the brokerage I left that I was committing ‘career suicide’ by leaving a big brand company for a no-brand company. However, that was so far from the truth. Just last year, our little team did over 100 transactions with over $53 million in sales. 



If you’re a burnt-out agent who wants to structure a team so that you can enjoy your life again, eXp has the resources for you.


The reason we were able to find so much success is that eXp provided the tools and the training we needed to boost our business. If you’re a burnt-out agent who wants to structure a team so that you can enjoy your life again, eXp has the resources for you. One of these is their amazingly smart CRM, which completely changed how I do business for the better.


eXp enables you to invest 5% of your commissions in eXp stock. Why would you want to give anywhere between 5% and 50% of your commissions to your brokerage when you could invest it in yourself? They also give you stock awards for every milestone you hit.


If you are interested in learning more, let’s sit down for a confidential, no-pressure discussion about how eXp could benefit your career. I’d be happy to have that conversation with you.

May 28, 2021

2809 N Fox Run Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly

2809 N Fox Run Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Sold! Wonderfully Updated Home in a Great Neighborhood of Foxlair

3 Beds | 2 Bath | $499,850

Don't miss out on this wonderfully updated single story home! Enjoy wonderful views of Mt Elden framed by your living room window. Home has a hook up for a spa all ready to go, also AC ready. 3 beds 2 ba cozy home with a gas stove for cozy winters and beautiful wood floors. Please see the update list these owners have made.

Photos and more information here: https://www.northernarizonafinehomes.com/property/185912/


2809 North Fox Run Drive


Learn more about Flagstaff

Soliere to Fox Run

Amusement & Recreation 

  • Thorpe park - great place for the whole family including the furry ones. There are plenty of activities for the kids, playground area, picnic tables, lots of grass areas, sports fields, a dog park, adequate parking.
  • Wheeler Park - A great place to stay cool under the trees and enjoy outdoor with family.
  • Fort Tuthill County Park -The County's premier 413-acre regional park 3 miles south of Flagstaff. Offers bike park, equestrian cross country course, campground, multi-use trails, archery, and many more outdoor activities. 


Dining Nearby

Nearby restaurants include Nomads Global Lounge, if you are looking for an unusual menu with a great range of flavors this is a great place for you. You can also drop by at Tinderbox Kitchen and enjoy the good food and Flagstaff's authentic vibe. Satchmo’s is also a great place for dinner with a group. If you're looking for crafted BBQ and Cajun cooking it's just a small detour from the main road.


Nearby Schools

Foxlair Neighborhood Information 

Visit the Foxlair community page for more information about this horse-friendly Flagstaff neighborhood.

Contact Kelly Broaddus at kelly.broaddus@exprealty.com  or call 888-4465602 to see other houses and condos for sale in Flagstaff.

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Flagstaff Homes for Sale $200,000-$300,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $300,000-$400,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $400,000-$500,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $500,000 and above

May 24, 2021

11641 N Onika Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly


11641 N Onika Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Sold! Spectacular Single Level Home With Terrific Mountain Views!

    4 Beds |   3.5 Baths | $989,980


The home you have been waiting for! A spectacular single level, 4 bedroom home with a 3 car garage sitting on 2.67acres. Amazing views, miles of national forest out back with panoramic, unobstructed mountain range views framed by your living room windows, enjoy exquisite natural beauty in every season. A 3000 sf home with a gorgeous open great room, 2 master suites and 2 additional bedrooms. Built in 2005 with new floors in 2017. This fantastic home is wonderful for every season, VRBO a great option for this home, previous owner ran atop-rated luxury vacation rental. Wild life abounds in this wonderfully private location. Central AC will keep you cool in the summer. Horses allowed here if you are looking for the perfect horse property, riding unlimited forest trails out the back! Must SEE!


Photos and more information here: /https://www.northernarizonafinehomes.com/property/185910/



11641 North Onika Lane


Learn more about Flagstaff 

Onika Road District is being created right now! Road will be paved. Will add expense for new owner.

Amusement & Recreation 

  • North Pole Experience - Give the kids details about Santa and his workshop. Kids get to see Santa and help him makes toys. 
  • Walnut Canyon National Monument - Cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians, built in alcoves in the sandstone walls of a deep, wooded canyon near Flagstaff. Located about 10 mi (16 km) southeast of downtown Flagstaff, Arizona, near Interstate 40. 
  • Buffalo Park - Perfect walk to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and close mountain views. Many Trails for all ages and even dogs. Plus the beautiful views of the San Francisco Peaks.

Dining Nearby

Nearby restaurants include The Horsemen Lodge Steakhouse, a relaxed cowboy-themed steakhouse offering all-day dining & an endless soup & salad bar. Another quick stop is at Coppa Cafe and Bistro. If you're in town you must try pizza with soppresetta, pistachio and honey at the Fat Olives


Children in this community typically go to the following nearby schools:

  • Sturgeon Cromer Elementary School PK-5
  • Sinagua Middle School 6-8
  • Coconino High School 9-12

Brandis Map 33 Neighborhood Information 

Visit the Brandis Map 33 area page to know more about homes in this area.

Contact Kelly Broaddus at kelly.broaddus@exprealty.com or call 888-4465602 to see this excellent family home in Brandis Map 33 or other houses for sale in Flagstaff.


Search for Homes in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff Homes for Sale Under $400,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $400,000 - $500,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $500,000 - $600,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $600,000 - $700,000

Flagstaff Homes for Sale $700,000 and above

May 19, 2021

Buyers: Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Buyers need to stay positive in this market.


I don’t normally reach out to buyers, but today I wanted to because I think in today’s market, the power of positivity cannot be overstated. I’ve run my life on being positive, using my faith, being careful of what comes out of my mouth, and seeing my goals manifest. 


Frankly, this market can be stressful and depressing for buyers. Most homes have multiple offers on them, and that kind of competition can be intimidating, especially if you’re a buyer who is doing a 3%-down offer. You might feel like you’re behind the eight ball, but today I wanted to let you know that you aren’t.



"I truly believe that you have to act as though your goals will come to fruition if you want them to."


Recently, I had a buyer with a 3%-down offer; we were competing for two properties and going up against cash offers. He was starting to feel depressed, but after some encouragement, he went to look at a popular condo. The stars aligned, and he ended up getting the condo at the price he offered.


The bottom line: Don’t give up, and focus on staying positive. If you’re a person of faith like I am, I encourage you to focus on prayer. I’ve witnessed hundreds of examples of this working in my own life; I truly believe that you have to act as though your goals will come to fruition if you want them to. Also, be specific about your goals. Write down the kind of house and all the things you want for it so that whenever it comes along, you’ll recognize it instantly.


If you have any questions about buying a home in today’s market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you build confidence and enthusiasm in your ability to find the home of your dreams.


Posted in Home BuyingTips
May 17, 2021

6419 N Conrad, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly

See all Homes for sale in Christmas Tree

6419 N Conrad Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Sold! Adorable Turn-key Townhome In A Great Location

3 Beds  | 2.5 Baths |$349,890


Wonderful opportunity to own a very nice and wonderfully maintained town home with trails walking distance away!! The backyard landscaped and ready to enjoy.

Photos and more information here: https://www.northernarizonafinehomes.com/property/185785/



6419 North Conrad Lane


Learn more about Flagstaff

From Rte 66 at San Francisco go west, continue STRAIGHT past city hall onto W. Santa Fe. Townhomes are in the second block on the left.


Attractions & Recreation

  • Hal Jensen Recreation Center- wonderful place to play indoor basketball. Designed for family fun and fitness with a variety of drop-in hours.
  • Thorpe park- great place for the whole family including the furry ones. There are plenty of activities for the kids, playground area, picnic tables, lots of grass areas, sports fields, a dog park, adequate parking.  
  • NAU Recreation Center- enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and high-quality programs backed by a trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.

Dining Nearby

Nearby restaurants include Satchmo’s, this is a great place for dinner with a group. If you're looking for crafted BBQ and Cajun cooking drop by at Satchmo’s, it's just a small detour from the main road.  You must try pizza with soppressata, pistachio, and honey at the Fat Olives.  Another quick stop is at The Northern Pines Restaurant provide a casual dining experience complimented by the expansive menu options. Also offer a full-service bar with a wide selection of wine, beer, and cocktails.


 Nearby schools include

Flagstaff Townsite Neighborhood

Christmas Tree is a community located just north of historic Route 66 and I-40, it is the easternmost residential neighborhood in the city beyond the Flagstaff Mall.  If you are looking for an affordable home in Flagstaff, you might your dream home in this community. This home will sell fast. Contact 888.446.5602 to set up an appointment.


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May 7, 2021

231 Dunnam Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Kelly Broaddus  |  eXp Realty  |  888.446.5602  | Contact Kelly

3265 N Manor Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Sold! Light Filled and Spacious Single Level Home in Ponderosa Park
3 Beds |  2 Baths | $474,850

Beautiful spacious, single level, updated home with beautiful curb appeal, nestled at a the top of a quiet street. Inside you are immediately greeted by a bright, open floor plan with vaulted ceilings. This home has been meticulously updated and cared for with a new water heater, central air conditioning, LED lighting, kitchen countertops, faucets & cabinet hardware, and upgraded bathroom cabinets. The backyard is a gardener's delight complete with an screened-in covered patio, open patio, greenhouse, organic raised beds, fruit trees, raspberry & blackberry bushes, and grape vines, and a wonderful spacious lawn. With all this home has to offer and it's fantastic county island location you won't want to miss it!


Photos and more information here: https://www.northernarizonafinehomes.com/property/185627/


231 Dunnam Street


Learn more about Flagstaff

West on Route 66, right on Dunnam. Take first left and follow around bend. Home is towards the top of the street on the left.


Amusement & Recreation 

Hal Jensen Recreation Center - Hal Jensen Recreation Center wonderful place to play indoor basketball. Designed for family fun and fitness with a variety of drop-in hours. 

Thorpe park - great place for the whole family including the furry ones. There are plenty of activities for the kids, playground area, picnic tables, lots of grass areas, sports fields, a dog park, adequate parking.  

Flagstaff Aquaplex - is a city-owned recreation center with tons of amenities for kids and adults like pool, gym, large water slides & lazy river.

Dining Nearby

Looking for an unusual menu with great range of flavors? Nomads Global Lounge a great place for you.. You can also drop by at Josephine's Modern American Bistro and try their dishes with full wonderful flavors. You must try pizza with soppresetta, pistachio and honey at the Fat Olives.

Nearby Schools

West on Route 66, right on Dunnam. Take first left and follow around bend. Home is towards the top of the street on the left.

Ponderosa Park Neighborhood

Ponderosa Park private community features lush hiking and walking trails. Conveniently close to shopping and dining in downtown Flagstaff.

Come and see this nice home in Ponderosa Park for yourself! Contact Kelly Broaddus at kelly.broaddus@exprealty.com or call 888-4465602 to see other houses for sale in Flagstaff.

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